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The Installation Of Rockwool’S Firestop Compound Provides Up To 6 Hours Fire Protection To Provide A Fire Resisting Seal Around Service Penetrations Through All Fire Rated Walls And Floors. As Independent Tests Have Shown, When Reinforced, Firestop Compound Offers Masonry And Concrete Walls Or Concrete Floors With Up To 360Mins* Protection For Both Integrity And Insulation, And When Un-Reinforced, It Offers Up To 240Mins* Protection. Existing Compound Installations Can Be Easily Drilled To Allow The Provision Of Additional Or Replacement Services Which Can Subsequently Be Re-Sealed. As Part Of The Comprehensive Firepro® Range Of Fire Protection Products, The Firestop Compound Is An Ideal Solution For Cable Pipe And Duct Penetrations. The Rockwool Firestop Product Is Easy To Use As It’S A Specially Formulated Gypsum Based Compound, Which Is Mixed With Water To Be Trowelled Or Poured Around Service Penetrations.*

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