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Rockwool Firestop Pipe Collars Consist Of A Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Steel Sleeve, Developed To Be The Most Modern Fire Defence For Combustible Pipes. Sturdy Yet Versatile, These Pipe Collars Contain A Flexible Graphite-Based Intumescent Liner Which Allows Them To Be Suitable For A Broad Range Of Plastic Pipes.  Each Sleeve Comes With Integral Toggles That Are Opened Up To Allow The Collar To Be Fitted Around The Plastic Pipe.  Manufactured To Suit Pipe Sizes From 55 – 355Mm O.D. The Collar Is Closed And Pushed Up Tight To The Wall Or Floor.   The Collar Is Securely Fastened In Place Using Fire-Resistant Fixings Which Are Threaded Through The Fixing Tabs. The Firestop Pipe Collar Performance Is Determined In Accordance To The Substrate, So If Two Hours' Fire-Resistance Is Required, The Substrate Should Be Rated To No Less Than The Collar.