rainscreen duo slab

ROCKWOOL RAINSCREEN 600 X 1200MM X 100MM (2.88M2) 12221361

Brand: Rockwool ProductsRockwool Products
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Rockwool Ltd 3 Description Rainscreen Duo Slab Is A Dualdensity Insulation, Meaning That The Outer Layer Of Each Slab Is Manufactured To A Higher Density Than The Remainder Of The Product. This Results In A Robust Outer Surface Designed To Withstand The Rigours Imposed On Site, And A Resilient Inner Face Designed To Accommodate Any Irregularities In The Substrate. A Water-Repelling Agent Is Added To The Product During Manufacture, Which In Combination With A Robust Outer Surface And Random Fibre Orientation, Prevents Water Transmission Through The Insulation Layer. As Such The Slab Is Well-Designed For Use In Conditions Of Severe Climatic Exposure. The Product Can Be Easily Fitted Around Brackets And Other Awkward Details, And When Tightly Butt Jointed The Fibres Of Adjacent Slabs Will Knit Together To Provide A Continuous Thermal Performance – Eliminating Heat Losses That Could Otherwise Be Caused By Gaps And Joints. Its Unique Dual-Density Construction Also Means That Rainscreen Duo Slab Requires Fewer Fixings, Making It A Costeffective Solution That Is Quick To Install. Applications Rainscreen Duo Slab Is Designed For Use Within Ventilated Cladding Systems, As Well As Sealed Systems Such As Curtain Walling.

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