sp firestop slab and sp firestop plus slab

ROCKWOOL SP FIRESTOP PLUS 1000 X 1200 X 75MM 12262432

Brand: Rockwool ProductsRockwool Products
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The Rockwool Sp Firestop Plus Slab Forms Part Of An Overall Fire Stopping Insulation Solution. The Rockwool Slabs Offer A Unique Lateral Compression To Facilitate A Close Fit Between Substrates Within Masonry Or Curtain Wall Constructions. In Line With Improving Construction Development, The Sp Firestop System Has Been Successfully Tested In Conjunction With A Masonry Support System Where The System Penetrated The Sp Firestop. As A Medium Density Stone Mineral Wool Insulation Slab, It Features Foil Facing To Both Sides As Well As Useful Cutting Lines To Support Accurate Installation. The Rockwool Sp Firestop Plus Slab Can Be Installed Horizontally Or Vertically And Is Tested To Provide Fire Stopping To Larger Cavity Void Sizes. Importantly, It Can Achieve A Fire Resistance Rating Of Up To 2 Hours In Voids Of Up To 600Mm.